As a military wife, I move around quite a bit. I currently reside in a small town near Atlanta, Georgia called Hiram. i am the daughter of a selfless mother and a courageous retired police officer. i am the sister of the best friend anyone could ask for, who has always been at my side on my journey through the world of stories.  i am the lucky wife of a supportive husband and hard-working soldier in the us army and the proud mother of a gorgeous and inquisitive baby girl named charlie.

that's what makes me an artist. what makes me a professional is far more simplistic. i have studied with artists from all over new jersey and new york. i have attended flagler college and have a B.A. in fine art from lagrange college. i have also spent time studying abroad in the lovely city of paris.​

my work has been in galleries and on public display in new jersey, new york city, florida, alabama, georgia and north carolina. 

a little about the artist

I love telling stories. 

like most talkative girls from new jersey, my mouth is always getting away from me, unleashing stories that may be only part-true, but entirely heartfelt. and even more important than my passion for telling stories is my lifelong need to lose myself in the stories of the great tale-tellers. people like c.s.lewis, j.k. rowling, j.d. salinger, richard adams, george lucas... these people gave my imagination the 

backyard in which it could infinitely play. 

and from that mentality, my love of art was born. to me, painting is a way to create worlds not only for my own mind to explore, but to stimulate and intrigue the minds of others. i have painted many things since i first picked up a brush at age three, but there will never be anything i'll love to create more than a story. whether it be told in a painting of a dusty diner, a lonely cemetery or an alien landscape, stories will always be where my brush goes when i look deep inside myself.