"free ice and five hours rest"

"local color"

"stories by the side of the road"

it was over thirteen years ago, while standing in line at lunch in tenth grade and listening to the sea of hormones, river of babbling adolescent conversation and thunder of lunch trays being smacked onto the tables, that i dreamt up the idea of audio artwork. i never ventured into that artistic experiment until only a few years ago, and now have fallen in love with this unique and provoking approach to painting. 

each detailed piece tells a story, and this story is expressed not only in the visual sense, but also the auditorial. every installment in the audio artwork series is accompanied by a custom-designed "audio environment" edited by me from dozens of individual sound effects. in the gallery, these audio environments are experienced via stereo headphones, online they are heard through video and in the home they are played on tiny 

‚Äčspeakers that are mounted behind the canvas to bring the painting to life on your own wall.

check back frequently for new pieces of audio artwork. we experience life from every angle. shouldn't we experience art the same way?

don't just see art. experience it.

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How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

audio artwork


"November Frost and daylight lost"

"yet nothing gold can stay"

"interim on a wayward road"