what's new in the studio?

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one of my newest creative outlets has been these whimsical and funny "old-timey"

pet portraits. for less than $40, you can provide me with a photograph of any of your pets

to be transformed into one of these unique vintage characters.

these portraits make great, affordable gifts, quirky decor and are completed quickly.

feel free to contact me with any questions. you can order one easily by emailing me or 

using my etsy shop.

quirky pet portraits


The project that is currently occupying most of my time is one of the largest and most detailed oil paintings I've ever attempted.This is not a commission, simply a new Crooked Crow original to add to my portfolio, and to perhaps hang in a nearby gallery once I set my sights on one.

Stay tuned and follow me on Facebook for more updates on this painting. Can you guess what it is?

west point fine arts show

i am now a member of the west point fine arts group, and will be a part of their

premier show in historic downtown west point, ga on friday, may 18th.

​the show is free and open to the public and will feature a large selection of local artists

with their work- much of which will be available for purchase. 

i plan on exhibiting a selection of my audio artwork, and look forward to seeing the wide

​variety of work on display.

​the show will be held in the craft master building from 6-9pm.